Wine without rules.

We just found our next Winemaker - YOU!

Blendings at The Preserve is a unique and exciting winery nestled in the foothills outside Fort Collins, Colorado, off Bingham Hill Road. Enjoy our wine blends on demand by the glass, flight, bottle, or growler. Or reserve a hands-on experience of working with our winemaker and staff to taste and microblend your own custom blend. Once you design your personal recipe that delights your individual palate, you will experience the full wine-making process of bottling, sealing, and custom labeling your blend.

Whether you come for a sip or full blending experience, Blendings at The Preserve hopes to demystify the art of winemaking and, like craft beer has done for enthusiasts, bring together new and seasoned wine lovers who can enjoy their personalized wine again and again. COME SEE US!


3924A Bingham Hill Road
Fort Collins, CO 80521


Wed-Fri 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sat-Sun 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM


The Blendings Experience.

Blendings at The Preserve offers our customers the unique experience of blending and bottling a wine that is as unique as the person who will drink it.



To begin, you'll choose from a flight of red, white or a combination, which we lovingly call “Off-Roading!” With the help of our winemaker and staff, you'll taste, learn and take notes on which of the samples appeal to you and why. You'll discover different sensations in your palate and realize why you gravitate to one wine over another.


In getting to know your palate, our winemaker and staff will encourage you to experiment with the samples. Blending two or three ultimately results in a taste that excites you and gives you a wine A-HA! That special blend becomes your personal recipe. It's yours alone, and we couldn't be more excited to help you enjoy it!



Once you've created your unique blend, our production crew will deliver your personal recipe in a wine keg, along with bottles, closures, and capsules for you to participate in the bottling process. Staff is on hand to ensure your special blend is successfully packaged for you to enjoy.


Ahead of your visit, you've created a custom wine label design. Your waterproof labels will be ready for you to affix to each bottle of your personal blend. Be it a blend of love for an upcoming wedding, a blend of friendship for you to share, or another memorable blend, this final touch puts a bow on the entire experience!