We're spreading the joy of wine with Talon Winery

Talon Wine Brands lives and breathes by their mission statement:

Our Mission:  To be Colorado's Premier Winery through Customer Focus, Integrity and Care.  We share the JOY of wine!

We definitely felt the joy they are spreading when tasting their wines.

The award-winning winery is known for classic style, fruit-forward wines made from the finest grapes available. Our methods preserve and enhance the flavors that develop naturally in grapes grown in Western Colorado’s high desert arid climate and mineral-rich soils.

The winery is part of the Talon Wine Brands family which also includes Meadery of the Rockies and St. Kathryn Cellars. Founded by the Foster Family, these wines have deep family roots and a wealth of winemaking expertise. They’ve been involved in the world of wine since 1976, when Reed Foster Sr. co-founded Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma, CA. As CEO and marketing guru, Reed led the company for nearly 30 years. When Reed’s youngest son, Glenn, returned to California after a ten year stint in Colorado he joined the Ravenswood production staff and learned the basic principles of winemaking. He and his wife discovered the burgeoning wine industry in Western Colorado and came back to the state where they got married to embark on a new adventure. Glenn worked at three distinguished Western Slope wineries where he continued to hone his winemaking skills and realize that great wine is the result of both science and art.

In 2005, they opened a small wine shop and then began making their own wine and then quickly expanded into a family of three brands including Talon Winery, Meadery of the Rockies and St. Kathryn Cellars.  

Winemaker Hillary Eales said, “When we talk about sharing wine, it’s not just sharing a glass of wine, sharing the whole experience of wine.”

Well said. We can’t wait to share their 2016 Red Blend with Petit Verdot, Souzao and Primitivo at Blendings at The Preserve!

Learn more or shop their site at http://www.talonwine.com/