Meet Our Blendings Guide & Winemaker, Casey Dunn

There is a less than a week to our Grand Opening event and the excitement is building!

Meet the man who will guide you through your Blendings experience, Casey Dunn. He’s a man of many talents are we are glad that knowing how to have fun with wine is one of them!

What is your favorite type of wine?

All are my favorites. Palettes change almost daily and there are so many good wines out there. One cannot gravitate to a single varietal. That's the beauty of wine, folks.

 When did you first get into wine?

Mom and Dad gave me a glass when I was about 12. That was the start of a beautiful relationship.

 If you were a wine, what would you be?

The kind of wine that my wife would drink.

 Where did you grow up?

In the sticks by Seqouia Park California 

 How long have you been in Northern Colorado?

Total about 8 years

 What’s your favorite restaurant, bar or brewery in Northern Colorado?

Breakfast Club in Loveland and  Zwei Brewery Fort Collins

 Champagne straight up or mimosa for brunch?

Mimosas! I get more vitamins that way.

 Do you have a pet?

Yes, A Border Collie/Aussie "full bred half breed) and a cat, Tigger. 

 What is your favorite food?

Nepalese all the way.

 Do you have a nickname?

Mom used to call me Racey Casey...I guess I am more on the hyper side

What was your high school yearbook quote?