Meet Our Retail Manager, Ashlee!

The closer we get to opening (Memorial Day weekend!), the more excited we get to meet all of you!

We’ve asked each member of our team five questions so you can get to know us a little before you even walk in the door.

First up, meet our Retail Manager, Ashlee! Watch out, her laugh is extremely infectious :)

Where did you grow up?

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee!

 How long have you been in Northern Colorado?

I’ve been in Fort Collins for 8 months. I moved here to be with my best friend while she is going through chemo treatments. It’s been amazing being here and I’ve fallen in love with Colorado!

ashlee pic2.jpg

 Where would someone find you when you’re not working?

Usually reading in my hammock on a ridge somewhere or hiking by the lake.

 What’s your favorite TV show?               

Outlander, The Office, and New Girl.

 Do you have a nickname?

*Shlee* When I turned 18, every piece of mail I received said, “To:Shlee Warren (or the parents of Shlee Warren) Somewhere among the way they lost the “A” on my name. My dad started calling me Shlee as a joke and it stuck.

Ask Ashlee your own questions at our open houses during our Grand Opening Weekend celebration!