Meet our President + Co-Founder, Natalie Petersen Diekmann

It’s only three weeks before our Grand Opening and we still have several people for you all to get to know.

Meet Natalie Petersen Diekmann, our President + Co-Founder. When not at the winery she helped bring to life, you can find her at your nearest karaoke, changing lives one Sade song at a time.

When did you first get into wine?

I thought I knew how to drink wine until a very dear friend schooled me at the ripe, young age of 23. We continued our lessons for nearly two decades, touring wineries and vineyards across the country and helping keep the entire industry well padded with our love of fermented grapes in glasses!

 If you were a wine, what would you be?

Explosive, dazzling, and assailing the senses, I'd be a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand! Like the popular grape planted just a couple of decades ago, no one could have predicted the superstar status I'd achieve! BAH!

 Where were you born/did you grow up? 

Natalie Pic.jpg

I grew up to the music of the Los Pinos River in my backyard. I floated through the early years as a typical Colorado girl, climbing mountains, catching sun rays from the wide-open sky, and playing with any wild friends who were willing to hunt and gather an adventure, before heading to Colorado State University to start playing adult. A stint of 17 years in Los Angeles, California, working for enormous companies with enormous amounts of bureaucracy, as well as the birth of my son, helped me realize where in the world I wanted to settle into the back half of life. Since returning to Fort Collins, smaller town relationships have brought me larger than anticipated satisfaction, including the opportunity to open an establishment where my neighbors and friends can gather around a good story and a great glass of wine.

 What’s your favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spot is a rooftop deck in Cozumel, Mexico, followed closely by anywhere remotely warm with little to no reception and plenty of nothing to do.

What you sing on karaoke night?

Sade, Smooth Operator. If you haven't heard me sing it, your life is incomplete. Kidding. Not kidding. 

Stop by sometime and say HI to Natalie! As you can tell, she’s tons of fun!