Creating Your Own Custom Label

Custom Wine Label.png

The wine you personally create and bottle at Blendings should have a label that helps bring to life what’s inside!

So, YOU’RE the designer!

Here are the steps to successfully creating a customized wine label we’ll have printed and ready for you when you arrive for your Blendings Experience!

Combine favorite pictures, graphics and text to help celebrate what’s inside. Remember to heed copyright laws and take care in your design of the front.

We’ve got the fine print and legalese for the back!


  • Label can be horizontal or vertical in orientation.

  • Maximum of one label per blend.

  • Resolution of file should be 300 dpi or greater to ensure maximum clarity.

  • Preferred file types: JPG, PDF, PNG

  • Font size should be 10 point or greater for legibility, and photos/graphics should be of high quality

***Your customized label is due 24 HOURS PRIOR to your reservation. Send to with a Subject: line of the name of the reservation.***

Questions? Call or email us!

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Not feeling especially creative? Or want to make it easy? We’re ready for you, too. Choose from one of the following templates…COMING SOON!